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Global trade is increasingly embedded within value chains and governed by multilateral trade rules, such as the World Trade Organization (WTO) agreements on Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) and the Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) measures. Furthermore, quality and compliance of products and services with market requirements and standards on consumer health and safety, environmental impact, labour conditions and/or sustainability, have become key elements of competitiveness in global business relations.

A demand-driven quality culture, together with a quality infrastructure system and its conformity assessment services, support economic operators (in particular SMEs), to achieve and prove conformity with market requirements, compete on international markets and connect to global value chains. UNIDO’s interventions in this respect span from policy and governance advice to the development of quality infrastructure institutions and conformity assessment services, including the support of the private sector in achieving compliance with international standards.


Tools for policymakers


Tools for quality infrastructure institutions and conformity assessment bodies


Tools for enterprises and consumers

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Training: Quality & Standards

Quality Infrastructure and Trade

Based on a solid analysis of trade challenges and opportunities, the training is designed for encouraging trade development along value chains.

Quality Policy

This training aims at supporting quality infrastructure practitioners and policy makers to design and develop robust, holistic, and demand-driven quality infrastructure systems.

Quality Management

A Roadmap to Quality is a newly developed and state-of-the-art e-learning training programme to promote understanding and facilitate the implementation of Quality Management effectively throughout the company.

Quality Infrastructure and Trade (Spanish)

A partir de un análisis sólido de los desafíos y oportunidades comerciales, el entrenamiento está diseñado para fomentar el desarrollo comercial a lo largo de cadenas de valor.

Good Governance in Quality Infrastructure

This training aims to assist Quality Infrastructure practitioners build a Good Governance system within their organizations and to guide their work with samples of useful tools.


Guía de implementación de la Norma Técnica Peruana NTP-ISO 2451 Granos de cacao. Especificaciones y requisitos de calidad.

(2.22 MB)

Guía de implementación de la Norma Técnica Peruana NTP 209.311:2019 CAFÉS ESPECIALES. Requisitos.

(2.33 MB)

Guía de Implementación de la Norma Técnica Peruana NTP 209.310:2019 – CAFÉ PERGAMINO. Requisitos

(1.94 MB)

Guía de Implementación de la Norma Técnica Peruana NTP 209.027:2018 - CAFÉ. Café Verde. Requisitos

(3.71 MB)

Best Practice in Laboratory Policy Development: National Launch of the Guidelines for Sustainable Laboratory Infrastructure Development in Philippines

(1.79 MB)