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Innovation Section

Innovation is integral to a country’s performance as enhanced productivity ultimately results in higher social welfare. The large disparities in income and social development between developed and developing countries are often rooted in considerable differences in their industrial development and use of technology, and the resulting gaps in their productivity. These gaps may grow with the shift towards the new industrial revolution, summarized in the concept of industry 4.0. However, effective utilization of innovation enables sustainable solutions for inclusive economic development and environmental challenges. Therefore, to achieve transformative changes and to transfer and deploy technology for entrepreneurship, innovation needs to be scaled-up and spread globally.

Training: Innovation


This training course has been designed to provide a strong foundation on the basics of e-commerce, which aims to promote increased e-commerce adoption among SMEs.

Industry 4.0

The accelerated and widespread expansion of digital technologies across business and society has resulted in the emergence of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), also known as Industry 4.0. This training course has been designed to provide a strong foundation on the basics of Industry 4.0 and the 4IR.

Managing Innovation

This training aims to support innovation activities within organizations, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises.


Propelling LDCs in the Digital Age: A 4IR Perspective for Sustainable Development

(3 MB)

Обеспечение промышленной безопасности и охраны труда

(2.53 MB)

Assurer la sécurité et la sûreté industrielles

(2.38 MB)

Garantizar la seguridad y la protección industriales

(2.47 MB)

Handbook "Ensuring Industrial Safety and Security"

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