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In our increasingly complex world, developing countries often face challenges with staying abreast of global trends when focused on their local development. Some of the most pressing global megatrends include climate change, increased poverty resulting from the global pandemic, digital transformation and the call for sustainability (e.g. the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive). 

As a result, targeted solutions are required to empower people to build their own livelihoods and contribute to their communities. Industry is a powerful tool to lift people out of poverty and reduce hunger while providing solutions and new technologies to address environmental degradation and climate change. This is directly reflected in the three main priorities of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)—the specialized agency of the United Nations that promotes inclusive and sustainable industrial development—which include:

  1. Supporting sustainable supply chains so that developing country producers get a fair deal and scarce resources are preserved
  2. Limiting climate breakdown by using renewable energy and energy efficiency to reduce industrial greenhouse gas emissions
  3. Ending hunger by cutting post-harvest losses and developing agribusiness value chains

Echoing these priorities, UNIDO’s Division of SME Competitiveness, Quality and Job creation (TCS/SME)—within the Directorate of Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Industrial Development—focuses on social equality, climate action and responsible trade, all of which are promoted on this platform, the UNIDO Knowledge Hub.

UNIDO’s normative role of developing, advocating, implementing and monitoring what ought to be done for its Member States to achieve harmonious and balanced industrial development is reflected here on the UNIDO Knowledge Hub through numerous trainings, global public tools and unique methodologies available for use.

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