Knowledge Hub Tools

The Trade Capacity Building Resource Guide

Who provides what kind of services in trade capacity building? The Interactive Web Tool includes information from 31 Multilateral Agencies and 37 Bilateral Development Partners on their trade-related Strategies & Services in 14 Categories

The QI4SD Index

The Quality Infrastructure for Sustainable Development (QI4SD) Index provides a framework of indicators that summarizes the overall state of development of a country’s and/or region’s Quality Infrastructure (QI) readiness to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Standards Compliance Analytics

Information on the border rejections in major global markets, for different products from different exporting countries, in order to help exporting countries to focus and navigate their efforts in improving compliance capacity of their industries and thereby reduce the negative impacts arising from border rejection.

Eco-Industrial Parks

In order to unleash the potential of Eco-Industrial Park concepts and practices, UNIDO has developed a set of EIP Tools for industrial parks and policymakers. By using the EIP Tools, industrial clusters and countries can advance the transformation of industrial parks and zones towards EIPs.

Labnet - The Laboratory Network

An innovative database providing information on services offered by Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs) around the world in the area of calibration, testing, certification, and inspection. At the same time it provides information on how to strengthen the supply side capacity of conformity assessment services.