UNIDO launched a training package “Digital Design and Simulation in Intelligent Manufacturing” in China

UNIDO has launched a training package on “Digital Design and Simulation in Intelligent Manufacturing”, including a training textbook, developed along with a series of training courses that started on 22 October 2020.

As an important component of Intelligent Manufacturing (IM), digital design and simulation technology is essential to the realization of a product’s full life cycle intelligence. The technology incorporates structural mechanics, fluid mechanics, thermology, electromagnetics, control theory and technologies from many other disciplines, which makes it challenging for an enterprise (especially for small and medium enterprise (SME)) with limited human resources and software/hardware facilities to access and adapt the theory into their businesses.  

The training package is therefore designed for technical design engineers and managerial staff of SMEs in the manufacturing industry in China. The textbook provides the necessary context for individuals with limited theoretical knowledge of digital design and simulation technology. The training course will highlight application and case studies in a real manufacturing process based on the textbook.

With the textbook as foundation, the course has a total of 14 modules, dispersed over 7 months (every 2 weeks) in Chinese language via zoom platform, to holistically assist relevant Chinese manufacturing SMEs moving towards intelligent manufacturing enterprises.

The training package was developed as part of the UNIDO project “Intelligent Manufacturing Technology and its Application in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises” with an overall objective to introduce SMEs in Chinese manufacturing to the concept and benefit of IM and to provide capacity building trainings.

Read the publication in English and Chinese.

For more information contact Raymond Tavares (R.Tavares [at] unido.org)