Strengthening investment promotion in the ACP countries

Since January 2021, UNIDO is spearheading capacity building interventions in 8 African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries working with investment promotion agencies (IPAs) and institutions (IPIs) from the public and private sector. UNIDO’s extensive technical and advisory support is earmarked to support investment monitoring and investment opportunity development initiatives in the ACP region as well as strengthening IPA aftercare and investor facilitation services.

Leveraging best fit-for-virtual learning design, to date, UNIDO successfully delivered high-impact 64 capacity building and technical advisory sessions involving a total of 316 participants (116 female and 197 male). IPAs received training in Investment Profiling Methodology, focusing on the identification, formulation and promotion of bankable investment opportunities. Emanating from country and regional profiling campaigns, this fruitful collaboration has resulted in the formulation of 235 investment opportunities with more to come over the duration of the Programme.  A fully-fledged online ACP investment promotion portal will soon be launched providing IPAs with a platform from where country-specific investment information and investment opportunities can be promoted to potential investors. Complementary to mobilize foreign direct investment in the intervention countries, UNIDO is also working with IPAs and IPIs in the ACP region to support investment mobilization in favour of domestic SMEs, to promote women in business and projects considered critical for swift and sustainable COVID-19 recovery.

The UNIDO project “ACP Business-Friendly: Supporting value chains through inclusive policies, investment promotion and alliances” is funded by the European Union (EU) and the Organization of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS) and is implemented by UNIDO (meso-level), World Bank (macro-level) and the International Trade Centre (micro-level).

Download the project meso-level brochure here and the meso-level flyer here.

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