Investment Project Preparation and Appraisal Curriculum

Course details

Length: 25 hours

Language: English

Cost: free-of-charge

Certificate: Yes


Why was this course developed?

  • to enhance industrial capacity for advancing economic competitiveness
  • to develop and strengthen indigenous capacities of developing countries

Who is this course for?

  • investment promotion institutions
  • financial institutions
  • project developers
  • SMEs



What will you learn?

  • identification of investment projects
  • market analysis
  • marketing strategy design
  • impact entrepreneurship
  • technical and environmental analysis
  • financial planning and analysis, including the introduction to financial statements and indicators
  • investment project implementation and appraisal

The online curriculum comprises 4 courses, which are further subdivided into 14 modules with knowledge tests for participants to demonstrate solid understanding of the knowledge presented in each module.

Additional readings are also provided for further reading by participants.


The Training course is structured as follows:

  • Course 1: Introduction to Investment Projects and Market Analysis

5 modules: Investment Project Development, Investment Opportunity Identification, Introduction to Market Analysis and Marketing, Marketing Strategy and Impact Entrepreneurship

  • Course 2: Technical Analysis

3 modules: Technical Analysis – Design and Planning, Technical Analysis – Implementation, Environment Analysis

  • Course 3: Financial Planning and Analysis

4 modules: The Need for Capital and Sources of Financing, Introduction to Financial Statements, Financial Statements and Ratio Analysis, and Financial Analysis - Dynamic Indicators

  • Course 4: Risk Analysis, Project Implementation Planning and Appraisal

2 modules: Risk Analysis - Dealing with Uncertainty in Project Appraisal, Project Implementation Planning and Appraisal

View the course flyer available here for more information.

Upon successful completion of Course 1, participants will receive a certificate. Upon successful completion of Courses 1-4, participants will receive a separate certificate.

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