WACOMP-Ghana sets the path for cassava cluster development in West Africa and presents results to Liberia delegation

UNIDO's WACOMP-Ghana orchestrated a transformative B2B study tour from Liberia to Ghana, supported by the EU-funded West Africa Competitiveness Programme. This initiative aimed to promote cross-border collaboration in line with the 2030 Agenda, emphasizing the crucial role of South-South cooperation in driving economic growth.

Beneficiaries of the WACOMP – Liberia Cassava Transformation Project, led by the CERATH Development Organization, embarked on the tour from February 5th to 9th, 2023. They sought to glean insights from Ghanaian counterparts engaged in the WACOMP – Ghana project, implemented by UNIDO, across various regions using a cluster development approach.

The tour featured immersive experiences at SMEs like OXY Industries Limited in Tema, renowned for innovative cassava-based product manufacturing. Visits to sites managed by Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology showcased advancements in gari processing techniques and sustainability practices. The Liberian delegation also explored innovative ventures at Valley View University, witnessing cassava's diverse applications in bread production and mushroom processing, piloted during WACOMP-Ghana.

Engagements with local enterprises like Asuogya Processing and Marketing Co. Ltd provided valuable insights into agronomic best practices and sustainable approaches. Interactions with industry leaders emphasized collaborative efforts driving innovation in Ghana's cassava clusters.

Dr. Frank Edem Kofigah of the Ministry of Trade and Industry commended the delegation for proactive engagement, citing the transformative impact of UNIDO’s WACOMP initiatives in Ghana. Ms. Jessica Gaye of the Progressive Youth for Development cooperative expressed enthusiasm for adopting new strategies, foreseeing opportunities for economic empowerment in Liberia.

Mr. Enoch Ampratwum, CEO of OXY Industries, emphasized to the Liberian delegation: “UNIDO's support in overcoming operational challenges and expanding market reach has been extremely beneficial to us. OXY Industries’ success is closely connected to the technical assistance provided by WACOMP-Ghana, which facilitated capacity building and market diversification opportunities, ultimately propelling growth and sustainability”. 

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