Value Chain Study: Enhancing market access for fruits and vegetables from Georgia

Within the Global Quality and Standards Programme (GQSP) in Georgia, an in-depth value chain study on the fruits and vegetable value chain was conducted as part of the project aiming at strengthening conformity assessment for greater market access.

The value chain study, with focus on quality and compliance infrastructure, economic, social and sustainability requirements, highlighted the relevance of four sub-sectors, namely berries, apples, greens and nuts and identified quality-related challenges and potential for enhancing the competitiveness of the sector. The study will serve as a basis for future development of the quality infrastructure in support of the fruits and vegetable sector in Georgia. The project will therefore further focus on strengthening conformity assessment services to provide compliance with market requirements, engage in cross-border trade and reap the benefits of globalization.

The study was developed closely with the Bern University of Applied Science (BFH) in a broad consultative process, including national and international, as well as public and private stakeholders. Nearly 50 interviews were conducted with Quality Infrastructure institutions, sector associations, education and research institutions, various service providers and other actors such as import and export promotion agencies, consultants and buyers in the European Union. In addition, an extensive desk research was done including data collection, analysis and crosschecking with the results from the interviews and discussions.

The project is part of the Global Quality and Standards Programme’s (GQSP) innovative approach developed by UNIDO and Switzerland through the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) to strengthen the quality and standards compliance capacity in selected value chains of partner countries to facilitate market access for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

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