UNIDO’s new Science and Technology Parks thematic service module

UNIDO has recently published a new Science and Technology Parks (STP) module that aims to facilitate the development of new STPs or the refurbishment of existing industrial parks to promote an innovation-driven economy.

In line with UNIDO’s International Guidelines for Industrial Parks, and different approaches promoted by UNIDO for Sustainable Industrial Parks and Zones, the module provides a typology of STP facilities and partnership models, as well as their potential impact for inclusive and sustainable industrial development (ISID), such as empowerment of micro, small and medium enterprises; adoption of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies and business models including  circular economy approaches.

The module outlines a strategic framework based on the convergence of the research and market economies for improving innovation ecosystems, strengthening institutional capacities, and scaling up technology. It highlights some ongoing UNIDO initiatives related to STPs, including the 4IR Demonstration and Innovation Centre in Brest, Belarus; the Global Science and Technology Innovation Centre in Shanghai, China; and the preparation of a pilot science and technology park in Peru, developed as part of the Programme for Country Partnership.

Read the publication here.

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