UNIDO supports SME recovery in Mozambique during COVID-19 crisis

A high-level meeting with industrial associations in Mozambique was held on 12 May to discuss the economic impacts of COVID-19 crisis in the business sector and explore common approaches for addressing them. The meeting was organized as part of the UNIDO’s PROMOVE Comércio project (“Building competitiveness for exports”) with support of the UNIDO Field Office in Mozambique and with the participation of representatives from the Industrial Association of Mozambique (AIMO), Association of Commerce, Industry and Services (ACIS), Chamber of Commerce of Mozambique (CCM), Association of Sugar Producers of Mozambique (APAMO), Mozambique National Institute of Tourism (INATUR), and the European Union.

The discussion focused on the most pressing challenges and needs for SMEs recovery, resilience and competitiveness to overcome current supply chains and market disruptions. UNIDO informed on future activities that will be conducted as part of the project in the country, such as a comparative value chain analysis to identify those with higher potential for faster- developing export by improving SMEs competitiveness, or import substitution with potential to lead into export capability through a staged approach.

The PROMOVE Comércio project funded by the European Union and UNIDO, was launched in March 2020. It aims to improve trade, competitiveness and the business environment in Mozambique for greater market access for priority value chains.

For more information, please contact:

Dominika Dor (D.Dor [at] unido.org) and Alejandro Rivera-Rojas (A.Rivera-Rojas [at] unido.org)