UNIDO promotes the use of bio inputs in Nicaragua

UNIDO is supporting development of a new organic certification in the mining triangle of Nicaragua in partnership with the Central American University (UCA). Currently, the cocoa sector remains with a low productivity and plantations are challenged by climate change. In reaction, the UCA set up a molecular characterization, agronomic validation and piloting of bio-inputs. The institution developed best practices compatible with the climate and conditions of the area with the objectives to obtain the organic certification and widespread its application.

With the support of UNIDO, cocoa producers are now trained on artisanal multiplication and use of bio-inputs in the cocoa plots. These innovative environmental friendly production practices will allow them to increase the price of their cacao, while improving the resistance of their plantations and respecting the environment.

UNIDO project “Improving the productive and organizational capacities of cocoa producers and producers in the Mining Triangle”, PROCACAO Phase II, contributes to the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) to leave no one behind, with the objective to improve the income of at least 1,250 families of cocoa-producers, while integrating the environmental challenge.  The project strengthen the management of cocoa cooperatives, and support the  implementation of good agricultural practices, which allow an increase in quality for export markets, while it strengthen the  generation of employment.

For further information contact Lorence Ansermet (L.Ansermet [at] unido.org)