UNIDO launches Standards Compliance Analytics Reports for Ghana and Indonesia

UNIDO launches two new Standards Compliance Analytics (SCA) Country Reports for Ghana and Indonesia, using border rejection data to identify the key compliance challenges. The analysis helps exporting countries to focus their interventions to overcome specific compliance bottlenecks, thereby quickly unleashing the export potential of their products.

The reports introduce how the Standards Compliance Analytics (SCA) tool is used to identify the key challenges faced by exporting countries, compare countries' trade compliance performance across different markets and in relation to specific product groups, and provide recommendations on investment in quality infrastructure, quality policies and quality culture which are focused, interdisciplinary, and effective to improve compliance capacity and meet market requirements.

The standards compliance analysis for Ghana highlights that, while exports have been increasing steadily, rejections at the border are decreasing, resulting in a positive trend for Ghanaian exports. Nevertheless, reasons for rejections for Ghanaian products entering global markets are often linked to labeling, bacterial contamination and pesticide residues, and efforts must be made to attempt to reduce these issues.

The standards compliance analysis for Indonesia shows that the primary causes of rejections, accounting for 62% of all rejections, were hygienic conditions/controls and bacterial contamination in 2020. Indonesia could focus its efforts to reduce its two primary causes of rejections, which collectively account for nearly two-thirds of all rejections.

Based on the analysis of the rejection data and consultation with various stakeholders, recommendations have been elaborated upon and comprised the following three categories: strengthen the Quality Infrastructure System; enhance industry compliance, competitiveness and sustainability; and promote a conducive policy environment and culture for quality.

This reports are developed under the Global Quality and Standards Programme (GQSP), funded by Switzerland through SECO. The UNIDO Knowledge Hub contains a lot of information, online trainings, and digital tools about Quality Infrastructure including the SCA tool, which can be accessed here.

Download SCA Report for Ghana here and Indonesia here.

For further information contact Dorina Nati, d.nati [at] unido.org (d[dot]nati[at]unido[dot]org)  

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