UNIDO launches documentary on successful intervention in Lebanon

Complementing the successful intervention, a short documentary was launched that outlines what steps UNIDO took in order to create inclusive and sustainable development in Lebanon.

Responding to the current economic crisis in Lebanon, particularly in the North, where unemployment rates are reaching decade low levels, UNIDO in partnership with the Ministry of Industry of Lebanon, and in collaboration with Beirut Arab University, launched a Market-Based Construction skills training program in northern Lebanon. With this program, economic opportunities were created in the sector making it more competitive, as well as providing low skilled labour and fresh graduates among host and refugee communities the tools and skills needed to find jobs and ensure a better living.

As such, in order to achieve such a sustainable impact, UNIDO created a unique, innovative training program tailored to the needs of the construction industry, two training centres, as well as found a way to connect the trainees that completed the training with companies looking for skilled labour in today’s digitalized world.

The market-based construction skills training for all has been completed as part of the Japanese Supplementary Budget (JSB) funded UNIDO project aiming to create economic opportunities and jobs in the construction sector in Lebanon, particularly among host and refugee communities in Northern areas of Lebanon.

Watch documentary here.

Watch the extracts of the documentary at the UNIDO Knowledge Hub here.

For more information contact Tomoyoshi Koume (T.Koume [at] unido.org).