A new approach, named COVID-19 Industrial Recovery Programme (CIRP), has been developed by UNIDO to provide highly effective targeted support to national governments for restructuring their industrial sector in order to transform and adapt to the changing realities with the goal of meeting national, regional and international needs in post COVID-19 recovery phase. The CIRP is strategically aligned and synergized with UNIDO’s COVID-19 response framework aiming at preparing and containing, responding and adapting, and recovering and transforming. It offers a phased approach to industrial recovery that is primarily focused on supporting least developed, low income and lower middle- income countries.

As the ongoing global health crisis continues to disrupt and undermine the economy globally, a well-tailored and innovative response is critical to ensure that industrial sectors around the globe survive the COVID-19 pandemic and its multiple adverse effects. Drawing on its longstanding experience with industrial upgrading and modernization of enterprises and institutions, the Department of Digitalization, Technology and Innovation will use the CIRP as a tool to support the sustainable and inclusive recovery of the industrial sector and mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic effects through increased innovation.

Read the CIRP brochure in English here.

Read the CIRP brochure in French here.

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