UNIDO launched training course ‘Finance for Laboratory Managers’

UNIDO has launched a training course on ‘Finance for Laboratory Managers’ that provides a mechanism for individuals who have little or no financial knowledge to make informed business decisions in the laboratory context. The course enables laboratory managers to establish realistic pricing for conducting tests on a sustainable, competitive basis. It includes an introductory overview of financial considerations specific to laboratory costs. This course was initiated as part of the UNIDO project ‘SADC Sustainable Quality Infrastructure’ funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

The first run of the course was successfully completed by 12 laboratory managers from 12 Southern African Development Community (SADC) Member States National Laboratory Associations. At the course’s end, the laboratory managers gained understanding of various costing models, components and approaches. This is crucial in enabling a laboratory to cost and price the services that they offer. Profits can be re-invested into their portfolios, permitting the expansion and diversification of their service offerings. This contributes to the sustainability of the laboratories, reducing a country’s reliance on testing outside its borders. The generic costing template that results from the training includes accreditation costs, to secure the acceptance of the test certificates supplied by the laboratory.

The course has a total of 8 modules, each 2 hours, dispersed over 2 weeks, and is conducted virtually using a combination of facilitation, group work and self-study. Week 1 introduces the course, the basics of accounting, and the rationale behind establishing an accurate costing model to run a laboratory. Week 2 breaks down the different costing models. It is aimed at technical laboratory staff, such as scientists, analysts, technicians and engineers. Those employed in the laboratories, in manufacturing, maintenance, research and technical sales also stand to benefit from its content.

For more information contact Juan Pablo Davila (J.Davila [at] unido.org)