UNIDO elevates global knowledge to the next level: the new Knowledge Hub

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) invites you to explore its newly revamped UNIDO Knowledge Hub, a platform offering a unique set of resources designed to contribute to sustainable industrial development through the application of quality and standards. These resources are aligned to the overarching priorities of supporting sustainable supply chains, climate action and innovation.

Leveraging its role as a thought leader and knowledge hub, UNIDO supports countries to strengthen their competitiveness in global markets. Its work extends to promoting good governance, advocating good practice and supporting capacity building in quality, environmental sustainability and social responsibility requirements in accordance with international management system standards and private sector requirements. 

The UNIDO Knowledge Hub provides stakeholders access to publicly available resources that deliver useful information around quality and standards and how they can make a positive contribution to sustainable supply chains, innovation and climate action, while improving people’s lives. 

These resources include information visualization, online trainings, publications and guidance documents for implementing a particular methodology, standard or any other practice. Moreover, they assist with assessing the current status, identifying gaps and thus facilitating related improvement of relevant institutions, producers and other stakeholders.

While most tools are publicly accessible and free, some may require specialized guidance and prior approval.

For more information, contact Dorina Nati (D.Nati [at] unido.org)