UNIDO and Norad will support the tilapia and shrimp value chains in Colombia

UNIDO and Norad joined hands to improve the quality and standards compliance capacity of shrimp and tilapia aquaculture value chains in Colombia as part of the Global Market Access Programme (GMAP) the first quarter of 2021.

The successful history of cooperation between Norad and UNIDO in providing technical assistance in trade capacity building to developing countries led to the formulation of this Global Programme with emphasis on strengthening the National Quality Infrastructure and compliance capacity to support market access.

The agreement that formalized this joint effort was signed in December 2019, for a global amount of EUR 11 million and contemplates the intervention in five countries worldwide, including Myanmar, Ethiopia and further Norad priority countries.

The project in Colombia with a budget of EUR 2 million in four years will focus on areas of Tumaco (NariƱo) and Huila for the targeted value chains. Three strategic outcomes are to enhance the technical competences of the national quality infrastructure institutions that support the shrimp and tilapia aquaculture value chains; to strengthen MSME capacity to comply with international standards and gain a greater access to international markets; and to foster a quality culture along the shrimp and tilapia aquaculture value chains. The main national counterpart of this project is the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism (MINCIT).

For more information contact Juan Pablo-Diaz Castillo (J.Diaz-Castillo [at] unido.org).