UNIDO and Foundation FSSC support improvement of food safety in Mongolia

Mongolia, December 2023. In an initiative aimed at enhancing food safety practices among farmers and through the support from Foundation FSSC, UNIDO organized a training of trainers in food safety for 14 actors in the organic vegetable supply chain in Darkhan City. 

Organic production is increasing in Mongolia, so this training is timely to ensure good food hygiene “from field to fork”. The training led by a team of experts commenced with a demonstration of the correct way to hand washing following WHO’s 11-step handwashing technique, utilizing fluorescent finger paint to simulate hand contamination.

Furthermore, the workshop showcased the integration of low-cost digital Bluetooth temperature and relative humidity monitoring units. These devices were demonstrated for both storage room surveillance and truck shipment monitoring, providing insights into maintaining optimal conditions for food preservation and transportation.

In a bid to mitigate contamination risks further, the session also featured a demonstration of low-contact vegetable packaging techniques, utilizing plastic bags to uphold hygiene standards throughout the supply chain.

The success of this workshop as part of UNIDO and FSSC’s strategic partnership to promote food safety from farm to fork, underscores their commitment to driving innovation and excellence in food safety practices, empowering farmers with the knowledge and tools necessary to uphold the highest standards of quality and safety in agricultural production.

For more information contact Ali Badarneh (a.badarneh [at] unido.org) and Laura Natalia Fernández (l.fernandez-cedi [at] unido.org