Towards SDGs through Progress by Innovation: UNIDO-GMIS Partnership

The Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit (GMIS) held its first edition in Abu Dhabi five years ago, aiming to become the world’s first truly global platform addressing the Fourth Industrial Revolution and associated issues from a multi-disciplinary perspective. UNIDO was integrally involved with the initiative from the beginning, co-chairing GMIS along with the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MOIAT) of the United Arab Emirates.

To chronicle these developments and to highlight UNIDO’s contribution, a new brochure has been released, “UNIDO and the Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit: Progress by Innovation”, viewable at the UNIDO Knowledge Hub. This publication charts the history of the initiative, its contribution to the SDGs and discusses future issues to be addressed.

In the past five years, the GMIS initiative has gone from strength to strength, first becoming an annual summit, addressing such issues as nature-inspired innovation (GMIS Summit in Yekaterinburg 2019); to glocalization and inclusive value chains (Hannover Messe Virtual GMIS Summit 2020); to repurposing digitalization for prosperity (GMIS Summit at Dubai Expo 2021). GMIS Connect events have also brought the discussion to the grassroots level worldwide, thus feeding into and enriching the debates taken place at the Summits.

Moreover, through the GMIS legacy initiatives, the initiative has developed a number of multi-stakeholder, participatory and worldwide processes, linking experts in specific technical and sectoral domains, such as industrial safety, medical manufacturing and innovation, to address the societal implications of digital transformation through policy solutions. Initiatives such as the Global Initiative for Industrial Safety (GIFIS) and the Global Biomedical Industrial Centre are at the forefront of this drive.

You can access the Brochure here.

For further information, contact: GMIS [at] (GMIS[at]unido[dot]org)