Technical guidelines to improve the quality of Peruvian coffee and cocoa

Since November 2020, UNIDO, through the Global Quality and Standards Programme (GQSP) in Peru, has been developing 16 guidelines to raise awareness and promote compliance with Peruvian Technical Standards (NTP) for the coffee and cocoa value chains.

The Peruvian Implementation Guidelines, synthetize the content of 16 relevant coffee and cocoa NTPs with the aim of bringing these standards closer to the producers, so that they become aware of them and implement them in their products to ensure their safety, quality and increase their comparative advantage inside and outside the country.

Unlike the standards, these guidelines are completely free of charge. They are digitally accessible and include didactic and practical information on standards on good agricultural and manufacturing practices on parchment coffee, green coffee, roasted coffee, special coffee, cocoa beans, cocoa nibs, cocoa powder, cocoa paste,  storage and transport, harvesting and processing, etc. Two of these guidelines, on sensory analysis of chocolate and cocoa good manufacturing practices, promote the implementation of 2 standards that have been developed with the support of the Global Quality and Standards Programme.

11 guidelines have been already published and virtual presentations were carried out as part of an outreach plan via video conference and social media broadcast, and all the recordings are available in video format and free of charge at the GQSP Peru YouTube Channel. The guidelines can be accessed through the UNIDO Knowledge Hub, the GQSP Peru website  or through the Peruvian National Quality Institute INACAL.

The GQSP Peru seeks to improve the quality of Peruvian coffee and cocoa to boost its exports by strengthening the services of the Quality Infrastructure, supporting the adoption of standards by the private sector, and promoting a culture of quality. The project, funded  by Switzerland through its State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), is implemented by UNIDO in co-management with INACAL and it is part of the UNIDO Programme for Country Partnership (PCP) Peru.

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