SMART-Fish Indonesia; Traceable Seaweed

The SMART-Fish Indonesia programme supports three value chains of Seaweed, Pangasius and P&L Tuna with the aim to improve their competitiveness and sustainability for better local and international market access.

In 2018, the programme and its partner companies will establish a traceability platform for the seaweed value chain. The SeaweedTrace platform will allow processing firms to closely monitor their supply base of up to more than 3,000 farmers. The ability to trace seaweed back to farms will add value to the processed seaweed from Indonesia, and support companies in their efforts to expand their export market.

As a supply chain management tool, SeaweedTrace will facilitate transactions along the chain; it will enable companies to monitor quality and quantity of supply from individual farms and to provide tailored support to their supply based in order to enhance their productivity and quality.

The SMART-Fish Indonesia is implemented by UNIDO and funded by the SECO.

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SMART-Fish Indonesia; Traceable Seaweed