Rebranding Cambodia’s Fish and Fishery Products through Cambodia Quality Seal

A newly developed voluntary certification scheme called Cambodia Quality Seal (CQS) is ready for its services to certify Cambodia’s fish and fishery products complying with food safety requirements towards better market access and public health protection.

With the funding support from the European Union and technical support from UNIDO through CAPFish-Capture: Post harvest Fisheries Development project, managed by the Fisheries Administration (FiA) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF), CQS certification scheme was developed to promote the implementation of good hygiene practices, food safety, and quality management systems, as well as to add value to the fish and fishery products in Cambodia.

As the first ever food safety certification scheme in Cambodia for fish and fishery products, the CQS serves as a communication tool among the key actors of fisheries value chain towards building consumer trust, protecting public health, and enhancing market access and competitiveness.

The Department of Fisheries Post-harvest Technology and Quality Control of FiA will be in charge of providing CQS certification services. Processing enterprises, fishing vessels, landing sites, qualified distributors, and retailers such as supermarkets and minimarts are eligible to apply for CQS certification. 

“The launching of the CQS is another milestone that I hope will support Cambodia’s fishery industry to be more competitive, particularly fish processing enterprises to scale up and meet food safety and regional and international markets requirements. With the support of CAPFish project through Value Chain Investment Support Scheme, I sincerely hope that the CQS logo will soon be found on fishery products at supermarkets and minimarts in Cambodia. Our shared vision, commitment, and dedication to promote safe and quality fishery products have made the CQS launching a reality” said HE. HAS Sareth, MAFF Secretary of State.

Learn further about the CQS here and watch video about CQS here.

For further information contact CAPFish-Cambodia [at] (CAPFish-Cambodia[at]unido[dot]org)