Rebooting Quality Infrastructure for a Sustainable Future: Now available in Spanish and French!

The UNIDO publication “Rebooting Quality Infrastructure for a Sustainable Future” is now available in Spanish and French to reach the wider audience of UNIDO Member States and key partners in Quality Infrastructure (QI) from Spanish- and French-speaking countries. It will be further promoted and distributed with the help of UNIDO partners like COPANT.

The publication conveys a call for action for rethinking and adapting QIs to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), align with the needs of Planet, People and Prosperity and to the impacts of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, including artificial intelligence, smart manufacturing, smart energy, smart agriculture and the circular economy. It emphasizes the fact that QI development needs to undergo a paradigm shift to adapt to these changes and sustainably and effectively contribute to the achievement of the SDGs.

It positions UNIDO as a centre of excellence in the area of QI and forward-looking organization identifying the future trends in QI, which is an important tool for improving the lives of populations through economic development. In addition to being a call to action for UNIDO’s QI stakeholders, this publication also highlights the good and demand-driven work that UNIDO has delivered worldwide, with regards to QI development at national and regional levels.

Read the publication in Spanish, French and English.

For more information, please contact Dominika Dor (D.Dor [at] unido.org).