Public Consultation: Laboratory Policy Guidance

The guidance document, which aims to provide guidance on the development of a sustainable Laboratory Infrastructure, through Laboratory Policy, was developed under the leadership of UNIDO and in close consultations with international development partners active in the area of Quality Infrastructure. The consultations took form of two Expert Group Meetings in 2019 and 2020.


UNIDO would like to open public consultations and feedback to further improve the content of that important publication.


The objective of the publication is to help countries develop and implement their own laboratory policy (LP), so they can establish a fit-for-purpose, efficient and effective laboratory capability. In times of global emergency, such a document is intended to assist decision makers in understanding the needs of such a policy and guide them in constructing one based on good practices. It also provides suggestions on what is required to establish a conducive environment for laboratories to grow and collectively meet the many calibration and testing related challenges that countries face as they move along their chosen development trajectory, and particularly it is relevant when trying to mitigate the effects of a global pandemic, which will pose severe challenges in the health sector.


The guide covers three areas that need to be addressed to develop and implement an LP successfully:

  • At the macro-level, the guide identifies the guiding principles for the formulation of an LP.
  • At the meso-level, it looks at the elements needed to enhance trust in the test and measurement data laboratories provide, including the need for appropriate accreditation of its activities.
  • At the micro-level, the guide identifies and considers common issues that have surfaced during support for the development and strengthening of laboratories in the past.


We would appreciate if we could receive your feedback on the Laboratory Policy guidance document by 31th August 2020. 

Comments shall be submitted to UNIDO by email to: k.monaco [at] unido.org.


We look forward to receiving your valuable inputs and we thank you in advance.

Guide Laboratory Policy - Draft For Consultation