National Manufacturing Innovation Survey 2021

UNIDO and the Government of India, Department of Science and Technology, have collaborated to undertake the National Manufacturing Innovation Survey (NMIS) 2021 in India. The objective of the project is to empirically measure the innovation potential of the manufacturing sector, as well as understand the level of support provided by the innovation ecosystem. Thus being able to craft evidence-based policy in order to foster productivity and competitiveness. 

The project is critically positioned to assist the Government of India in achieving its goal for self-reliant India, Atmanirbhar Bharat AbhiyaanAdditionally, the NMIS 2021 strongly aligns with the objectives of SDG9, namely supporting domestic technology development, research and innovation, increasing the access to financial services of small-scale industries and their integration into value chain markets, to foster innovations and promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization by 2030. This is of particular importance due to the global shocks related to COVID-19, as well as the general impact of the 4IR on the Indian economy.

Implementing NMIS 2021: The project combines both the Oslo manual approach for measuring innovation, as well as the UNIDO methodology for measuring systems of innovation.

The Firm-Level Innovation component aims to cover 58 sectors in manufacturing and related services, including large, medium, small and micro firms. The firm level innovation survey will focus on capturing data related to types of innovation, process of innovation, access to finance and information for innovation and factors affecting the innovation activities in a firm.

The Sectorial System of Innovation component focuses on measuring the interaction between the system actors, relative barriers to innovation, as well as the convergence or divergence of current policy instruments in addressing the needs of actors of the system (firms, industry associations, government, Knowledge Based Institutions (KBI), Financial Institutions (FI), Institutions Supporting Technical Change (ISTCs), business incubators and arbitrageurs). This component focuses on five strategic sectors; Food & Beverages, Textiles & Apparel, Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, and ICT.

Anticipated outcomes: This assessment will provide an empirical baseline for guiding policy craft for the effective use of national resources. The project will culminate in a report that will include evidence-based recommendations both at the sector and system level to bolster and enhance innovation potential in India.

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