Leveraging technology and knowledge transfer against transnational organized crime

On 21 June 2022, UNIDO attended the conference “The Palermo Convention: the future of the fight against transnational organized crime” organized by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM). Diana Battaggia, Head of UNIDO’s Investment and Technology Promotion Office (ITPO) in Italy, represented UNIDO at this Conference by joining as panelist the Session 3 “Crimes that affect the Environment”.

“UNIDO has contributed and can play an increasingly important role in the fight against transnational organized crime, especially for the environmental ones, leveraging on technology, good policies, best practices, knowledge transfer and capacity-building”, commented Diana Battaggia.

PAM is the international organization which brings together 34 member parliaments from the Euro-Mediterranean and Gulf regions to discuss the most pressing common challenges, such as regional conflicts, security and counterterrorism, humanitarian crises, economic integration, climate change, mass migrations, education, human rights and inter-faith dialogue.

Watch the recording of the session here.

For further information contact ITPO Italy (itpo.rome [at] unido.org).