Launch of forthcoming publication titled “Smart Quality Infrastructure for Sustainability”

UNIDO is pleased to announce the forthcoming launch of its publication titled “Smart Quality Infrastructure for Sustainability”.

The publication provides a comprehensive overview of the evolution of quality infrastructure (QI) along the industrial transformation, all the way up to the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). This transformation has brought major shifts to the way we work and live and to the way industry functions. These changes have challenged not only manufacturing but also the quality infrastructure to respond and adapt in a manner that will ensure the benefits of the current transformation are realized in line with the growing sustainability imperative.

The 4IR is deeply intertwined with quality infrastructure. QI components are essential enablers of the technologies and processes that lay the foundation of the 4IR. At the same time, digital transformation has a deep impact on the QI itself. The document explores how digital technologies and innovation are transforming the QI and its organizations into what is defined as Smart Quality Infrastructure, modifying the way they work, improving their performance and enabling new types of services.

The publication also delves into how quality and quality management are innovating in response to the challenges of digitalization and Industry 4.0.

Read the summary here.

For further information contact Bernardo Calzadilla Sarmiento (B.Calzadilla [at] (B).Calzadilla [at]

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