Iranian beekeeper wins gold medals for quality

A breakthrough by winning two gold medals for quality in the London Competition Honey Awards 2020 has been achieved by beneficiaries of the UNIDO technical assistance programme “Business Development and Sustainable Job Creation for Youth, Women and People with Disabilities in the Islamic Republic of Iran”. Quality honey branded as Exir honey Open colour and Dark colour by Apiculture Industry Development and Advocacy Fund of Iran have been strengthening the technical, institutional and policy knowledge and associated skills and capacities of the active actors.

"This is such a great achievement for the Iranian beekeeping industry. With the aid of the Iranian accelerators and UNIDO, new developments will also be occurred in the next few months” stated Farhad Moshir Ghafari, the Director of the beekeeping Department at the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, like so many other countries across the world, is trying to reduce unemployment by prompting an inclusive and sustainable economic development. To this end, UNIDO is reinforcing its strategic partnership with the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labour and Social Welfare of the Islamic Republic of Iran and other Iranian entities to strengthen institutional capacity and boost entrepreneurship development, particularly among youth, women, and people with disability in selected sectors. 

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