Investment guide for the automotive sector in Colombia published

A new investment guide, entitled Guide for Investors: Colombian Automotive Industry has been published by UNIDO and ProColombia, the Colombian government’s agency in charge of promoting domestic and foreign investments and exports. The Guide provides an analysis of Colombia’s industrial capacity for manufacturing vehicles and auto parts, the institutional support capabilities supporting the sector and the dynamics of local demand, as well as the sector’s export potential. The publication highlights the commercial potential of investment project opportunities and illustrates the various investment regimes that investors can take advantage of. Finally, it presents the state of Colombia’s infrastructure for the facilitation of the sector’s exports.

“In the work carried out with the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, we are accompanying all the actors in the automotive sector in improving their productivity and strengthening their exports. We are working to attract important multinational companies that have the potential to operate, assemble and distribute from our territory to the region. This sector is key in the economic reactivation and competitiveness of the country,” stated Flavia Santoro, President of ProColombia, during the launching ceremony.

The Guide is part of the toolkit to be used in future missions and campaigns to be conducted by ProColombia and other investment promotion stakeholders. It will be promoted by the international offices of ProColombia as well as by UNIDO’s Investment and Technology Promotion Network. The publication is also expected to facilitate the discussions of specific investment opportunities in the context of the forthcoming National Investment Summit to be hosted by ProColombia on 7-9 October 2020. 

The publication was developed as part of “Program for Sustainable and Inclusive Industrial Development of the Automotive Supply Chain through Quality and Productivity Improvement ( PRO-Motion)”, an initiative collaboration of the UNIDO,  the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism (MINCIT) and the Colombia Productiva.

Download the Guide here.

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