As a tool to support SMEs to comply with biosecurity protocols “Guía de higiene y desinfección para la industria en tiempos de COVID-19” was launched on 20 May 2020 as part of the Global Quality and Standards Programme (GQSP) Colombia-Quality Programme for the Chemical Value Chain. The guide is currently only available in Spanish.

This guide is a series of recommendations and practices of hygiene and disinfection for the SMEs in order to comply with the protocols issued by the National Government that refer to the reactivation of the manufacturing activities. The guide is part of the work of the GQSP Colombia, implemented by UNIDO with the support of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism (MinComercio), Colombia Productiva and SECO.

“I am confident that with the launch of this guide, we will make an important step towards economic reactivation while guaranteeing the health protection of our SMEs and their employees” said José Manuel Restrepo, Minister of MinComercio. The document helps SMEs to identify main infection vectors and critical points in their manufacturing facilities. It also defines the selection and use criteria for cleaning and disinfection products. This guide was built by a group of experts from UNIDO, with the collaboration of Icontec, Acoplásticos, ANDI and Responsible Care Colombia.

“Companies have found in this guide a very useful tool to comply with Biosecurity Protocols. Although companies in the chemical industry have high security and health standards at workplaces, Covid-19 has challenged all sectors’ abilities to respond to this global health crisis. Therefore, we appreciate GQSP Colombia efforts to support SMEs in overcoming such challenges”said Juliana Bejarano García, Executive Director Chemical Industry Committee at ANDI.

Since the launch of the guide, COSMOGREEN S.A.S has already implemented 30 measures in its production plant that have been very useful in its reactivation process.

Due to numerous requests from the Colombian chemical industry, on July 7, 2020, the guide will be presented for the second time in the webinar “Intelligent use of resources in the design of a hygiene and disinfection plan in times of Covid-19” from 09:00 to 11:00 h (COT).

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