Fostering aquaculture productivity in Indonesia

UNIDO takes next steps to enhance the performance of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) active in the blue economy of Indonesia by introducing sustainable aquaculture production practices. This effort is part of UNIDO and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) collaboration in the implementation of Component 2 of the UN Joint Programme “Accelerating SDGs Investment in Indonesia” (ASSIST) that seeks to reinforce business environment conducive to wider access to SDGs-linked loans and other innovative financial instruments. Complimenting UNEP’s efforts in the creation of specialized “green catalogues” to streamline loan approval systems and provide metrics for measuring impact, UNIDO provides technical assistance by introducing sustainable aquaculture and organic shrimp farming practices with the purpose of increasing productivity, market access, and business performance of aquaculture SMEs.

To share success stories of sustainability pioneers among SMEs in Indonesia, most notably, those derived from UNIDO’s “Global Quality and Standards Programme (GQSP) SMART-Fish-2”, the project set up a knowledge exchange platform in the format of entrepreneur talk series. The main event in the series focused on implementation of Aquaculture Standard Operational Procedure (SOPs) that could be applied to ensure increased productivity of Vannamei shrimp farming. This initiative, by providing the community of shrimp farmers of Lombok Island with deeper insights on the benefits of adopting innovative and environmentally sound practices, lays an important foundation for the change of business paradigm among local producers. By providing them with the opportunity to learn how to apply aquaculture best practices, it is tapping into their business performance potential at large, while encouraging them to enhance the sustainability aspect of their activities.

Livestream recording in Bahasa Indonesia is available here.

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