Economic value and social benefits of Quality Infrastructure

Accredia (Italian National Accreditation Body) has realized a profound research project regarding “Accreditation and certifications. Economic value and social benefits” . This is the first study measuring the economic value and social benefits produced by the National Quality Infrastructure.

In a scenario of profound evolution, characterized by rising complexity and new social needs, to study the Quality Infrastructure and evaluate its benefits – both economic and other – provides a good opportunity to reflect upon many of the challenges the country faces and which regard the competitiveness and organization of the chains, the new technologies, safety/security and environmental sustainability.

It was found that, between 2013 and 2018, the contribution of Quality Infrastructure to the Italian economy was calculated at 10.8 billion euros, corresponding to 16.1% of the increase in GDP in the manufacturing sectors (5 billion euros), in services (5.8 billion euros) and construction (110 million euros), and many advantages, as reduced costs, were registered also in the environmental and health and safety areas.

The study also highlights that Quality Infrastructure and its underlying principles (competence, independence, impartiality, trust, transparency, sharing, and participation of the interested parties) are crucial for defining the paths of innovation and environmental and social sustainability which Italy faces.