In line with its organizational mandate; advancing economic competitiveness, creating shared prosperity, and safeguarding the environment, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) is adjusting its administrative structure to achieve the above-mentioned objectives. As of June 2020, the Department of Trade, Investment and Innovation (TII) will therefore become the Department of Digitalization, Technology and Innovation (DTI).

Responding to the growing demand for supporting inclusive and sustainable industrial development (ISID) in the era of the new industrial revolution, DTI leads the way in addressing opportunities, challenges and risks stemming from the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) and its contribution to sustainable socio-economic progress. In consultation with public and private partners, DTI designs and implements holistic interventions that are tailored to specific country needs. The Department’s interventions actively identify and combine complementary services from across three Divisions, namely:

  • Innovation and Digitalization Division
  • Investment and Technology Promotion Division
  • Quality Infrastructure and Smart Production Division

The DTI Department will be part of the Directorate of Digitalization, Technology and Agri-Business (DTA), headed by a Managing Director, Mr. Bernardo Calzadilla Sarmiento. The Directorate will be responsible for coordinating and mainstreaming the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) in its technical cooperation, strategic and normative activities, aiming at fostering inclusive and sustainable development in the era of 4IR. The Directorate creates new and innovative technical cooperation deliverables in the areas of trade, investment, technology, innovation and agro-industry and agri-business. The Directorate comprises the Department of Digitalization, Technology and Innovation (DTI) and the Department of Agri-Business (AGR).