Cosmetics of natural Colombian origin certified with Cosmos natural seal

Colombian Laboratorios Doral Group S.A.S. and Global de Cosméticos y Esenciales (Glocosme) Ltda. are now certified with COSMOS NATURAL seal for two of their products, a lip balm and a moisturizing oil, which are added to the range of more than 32,000 products certified by Cosmos in 71 countries. This is an achievement resulting from  fifteen months of technical support, advice from national and international experts and technical trainings, as part of the UNIDO’s Global Quality and Standards Programme (GQSP) Colombia.

The Cosmos Seal is an internationally recognized certification that guarantees consumers that the product they are purchasing is organic or natural by meeting the highest sustainability standards. This standard evaluates various aspects of organic agriculture, manufacturing processes, chemical contaminants and packaging, promoting not only organic ingredients in the product but also sustainability as a priority in the value chain of cosmetic products.

It is also noteworthy that, by the third quarter of 2022, only three companies in Colombia had Cosmos certification (2 for raw materials and 1 for finished products).

"We are a company of only six employees, and today thanks to UNIDO we have a 100% certified product of natural origin, that at another time was unthinkable to achieve. 70% of this product is based on a natural ingredient developed in Colombia, also Cosmos certified. With this, the product has the capacity to access markets in Europe, the United States and Asia, now we have samples in Belgium, the United States and Korea. It has been very well received" says Jose Ignacio ROJO, General Manager at Glocosme LTDA.

With these results, UNIDO continues accompanying Colombian companies to promote the implementation of quality and sustainability seals that allow them to access international markets competitively, demonstrating their contribution to the environment and human health by meeting the requirements of the highest sustainability standards.

Global Quality and Standards Programme (GQSP) Colombia is a programme implemented by UNIDO, funded by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs - SECO and the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism through Colombia Productiva.

For further information contact Juan Pablo Diaz-Castillo (j.diaz-castillo [at] (j[dot]diaz-castillo[at]unido[dot]org))