Collaborative exchange between Indian and Colombian auto industry stakeholders

UNIDO supports exchange of expertise and the best practices pertinent to promotion of productivity improvement, innovation and industry 4.0 related technologies between automotive industries of India and Colombia.

In a virtual meeting of 3 June 2020, industry experts discussed COVID-19 related challenges faced along the automotive value chain, and shared valuable information about diverse responses from governments thereby aiming to find solutions for revival of automotive industries, in particular, local component suppliers, in both countries. Participants agreed that in order to overcome these challenges, automotive component suppliers need to be supported to diversify their target markets by reaching out to other sectors such as agricultural and mining equipment, public transport vehicles, or white goods. 

One of the key highlights of the recent collaboration is the online portal launched by the UNIDO Regional Office in India providing access to factsheets, checklists and guidance materials for building back business from crisis. 

Colombian automotive industry experts visited India earlier, while ACMA counterparts undertook a study tour to Colombia with a view to foster cross-project collaboration, and mutual learning from different country and industry contexts. The exchange is facilitated as part of the activities envisioned by the Memorandum of Understanding between UNIDO and the Indian Automotive Component Manufacturers Association (ACMA) that has been successfully launched November 2019. UNIDO has experience in supporting the automotive industry in number of countries including Belarus, Colombia, India, South Africa etc. and plans to further facilitate exchange of expertise and experience for the automotive industries in those countries.

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