Bringing quality to India's automotive sector

UNIDO, in collaboration with the Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India (ACMA), is bringing quality to thinking, work and systems in India's automotive component sector as part of the Uday Pride, an automotive component supplier development programme funded by India's Ministry of Heavy Industries.  

Mahipal Gupta, Chief Managing Director at Autolite (India) Ltd said, “During the Uday Pride programme journey, we have learned to redefine our pattern of thought to bring quality to our thoughts, work and systems. On behalf of the Autolite team, we are very thankful to the UNIDO-ACMA team for their continuous support throughout the journey. It was a wonderful experience to transform into a better organization.”

The programme captures insights and experiences from a long-standing partnership beginning in 1999 - with funding from the Government of India and with initial support from the Italian automobile manufacturer Fiat. Today, the automotive component industry in India contributes over two percent of India’s Gross Domestic Product and employs around one and half million people directly and about the same number indirectly.

The current Uday Pride programme aims to strengthen the capacities of small and medium-sized automotive component producers to meet the stringent quality requirements of vehicle manufacturers, as well as overcome challenges related to low productivity and innovation, resulting in SMEs becoming more efficient, reliable and cost-effective suppliers, thus facilitating their inclusion in domestic and global automotive supply chains.

275 companies are targeted through shop-floor intervention counseling training, along with lighter E-learning online courses across the country. In addition, the programme further conducted a system of innovation survey and Industry 4.0 diagnosis to provide a comprehensive understanding of the current level of innovation on a micro and meso level reflecting on requirements, needs, and challenges of target beneficiaries.

Read the press release here.

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