Bringing clean water and increased crop yields to Burani Village in Kenya

Recognizing the important role of water, since 2019 one of ITPO Germany’s partner companies, a Berlin based startup called Boreal Light Gmbh, ensures reliable supply of clean hygiene water to Burani Village, Kenya. Their WaterKiosk system delivers up to 20,000 litres per day at four different qualities (drinking, irrigation, fish farm and sanitation water). Building on this existing technology, ITPO Germany forged a collaboration between Boreal Light GmbH and the Cleanshield Group from Denmark, which produces 100% organic and biodegradable bio-stimulant and disinfectant for plants, crops and animals with remarkable impact.

The WaterKiosk’s water is used for ‘Burani farming’ cultivating 7-8 different crops such as okra, tomatoes and onions on 8-9 hectares of land. Since the use of the organic fertilizer the quality of the crops has improved. In addition, the harvest has increased by 40-50% without any harm to the environment.

Furthermore, the purified water produced by the WaterKiosk allowed the establishment of a fish farm and a vertical farm with a drip irrigation system, creating two fixed jobs on drinking water sales, one job on the fish farm, and 15 paid positions on the vertical farm, out of which 13 are held by women.

Safely managed water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) services are an essential part of preventing and protecting human health during infectious disease outbreaks, including the current COVID-19 pandemic.

For more highlights from ITPO Germany, please refer to the Annual Report 2019 available for download here.

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