The Arab Accreditation Cooperation goes digital

UNIDO supported the Arab Accreditation Cooperation (ARAC) in engaging in digital transformation through smart integration of digital technologies, processes and competencies across its different activities and functions. In addition, ARAC Accreditation Body members were supported in the digitalization of their accreditation processes. This has been completed as part of the Swedish International Development Cooperation (SIDA) funded UNIDO project aiming to support the Arab Accreditation Cooperation to be sustained, effective and internationally recognized.

Against this background, an IT management system and a new website have been developed with UNIDO’s technical support to enable ARAC Secretariat and Committees to operate efficiently and effectively. The IT management system will not only ensure the management of administrative tasks, such as membership applications and financial matters, but goes beyond to implement ARAC core technical activities of peer evaluation process and document control, and provide a platform for sharing information and a tool for online training and e-learning.

The newly established IT solution also covers the different steps of the accreditation process of ARAC Accreditation Body members, including the establishment of databases for assessors and decision makers. As such, it will also help ARAC Accreditation Body members to perform their accreditation activities in a more efficient way, as well as reduce costs, facilitate information sharing and limit loss of valuable information.

One of the great benefits for ARAC of going digital is the ability to enhance the linkages between its members in an effective, inclusive and transparent manner. The digital transformation will also strengthen the capabilities of ARAC to rapidly adapt to changing circumstances, as well as meet the ever-increasing demand from Arab consumers for quality and safety, by helping Conformity Assessment Bodies deliver this vital mission in the new digital age.

For more information contact Rafik Feki (R.Feki [at] unido.org).