On the occasion of World Accreditation Day on 9 June, UNIDO launches a new publication titled: ADVANCING CONFORMITY ASSESSMENT FOR THE NEW DIGITAL AGE.

The document discussed the challenges and the opportunities the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) brings to conformity assessment bodies (CABs). It further provides an overview of UNIDO’s activities in the area of conformity assessment and advocates for the use of new technologies to shape a sustainable future.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution– and this new digital age – poses a series of challenges for conformity assessment bodies. First, how to operate in a world where products are increasingly digital – either in part or fully. And second, how to embrace digital technology in their own work, such as drones for inspection, machine learning, smart sensors, ICT-based remote auditing, and much more. And finally, how to meet the ever-increasing demand from global consumers for quality and safety. This is where UNIDO is playing an important role, advancing the future of Conformity Assessment by helping CABs deliver this vital mission in this new digital age.

View the publication here.