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Testing laboratory
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QUALITY ASSURANCE AND TESTING CENTER 3 (QUATEST 3) is a science - technology organization under The Directorate For Standards, Metrology And Quality (STAMEQ) – Ministry Of Science and Technology (MOST). QUATEST 3 has thrived to be one of the leading organizations in Vietnam, which is specialized in providing services in the fields of standards, metrology, and quality to serve State management activities as well as requirements of organizations and businesses. With 45 years of operation and development, QUATEST 3 always accompanies business in increasing quality and safety requirement on products, protecting consumers’ benefits in line with the country’s development orientation, and positively contributing to the socio-economic growth of the country.
Physical postal address

07 Road No.1, Bien Hoa 1 IDZ, Dong Nai Province
Dong Nai

Phone number
+84 251 3836212
dh.cs [at]
Has the laboratory been accredited in any scopes?
Scopes of Accreditation
The typical services and projects of QUATEST 3 are:
Plastic products testing, Industrial waste testing, Water & environment testing, Rubber products testing, Pesticides testing, Aids for processing food testing, Microbiology testing, Food additives testing, Food testing
and GMO testing
Accreditation body
QUATEST 3’s metrological laboratories are ISO/IEC 17025:2015 accredited by the Vietnam Bureau of Accreditation (BoA, Vilas 036)


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) / Head of Organization

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Nguyen Thai Hung
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info [at]

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Total laboratory personnel

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Technical Information


Laboratory services offered
Civil engineering and construction
Water / food
Other testing laboratory services
QUATEST 3 is always concerned with updating, upgrading and completing its laboratory system in the purpose of providing a highly accurate testing service which is harmonized with applied standards, including:
Mechanical: products, metallic and non-metallic materials, weld and non-destructive testing (NDT)
Consumer goods: packaging, appliances used in direct contact with foods and beverages, textile articles and accessories leather, shoes, papers, ink, plastic, wooden furniture and children toys.
Construction: materials and structures
Electrical – electronic: household and office appliances, electric tools.
Chemicals: basic chemicals, fertilizers, plant protection agents, solvents, aromatherapy, cosmetics, detergent, and fine art gold.
Environment: water, waste water, sludge, solid and liquid waste, the residue of plant protection agents, toxic substances in raw materials
Petroleum & Gas: gasoline, Diesel fuel oils, Biofuels, Fuel oils, liquid petroleum gas, additives for petroleum products.
Agriculture and foodstuffs: agricultural products, additives, material (agricultural, aquatic products), animal feeds…
Food safety and hygiene & food quality: fresh foods, processed foods, food additives, functional foods…
Microbiology and Genetically modified organisms (GMO): agricultural products, foodstuffs, animal feeds, micro-organic fertilizers, probiotics…
Does the laboratory conduct sampling, upon request of the client, of products to be tested?

Proficiency Testing

Does the lab participate in proficiency testing for accredited scopes

Quality Control / Quality Management

Does the lab operate an internal quality control (QC) system to ensure quality of test results?
Does the lab operate a management system (or Quality Management System) for assuring the quality of results?
Is the system documented in a Quality Manual?