Updated: Oct-06-2021

General Information

Type of service provider
Certification body
Short description
QUALITY ASSURANCE AND TESTING CENTER 3 (QUATEST 3) is a science - technology organization under The Directorate For Standards, Metrology And Quality (STAMEQ) – Ministry Of Science and Technology (MOST). QUATEST 3 has thrived to be one of the leading organizations in Vietnam, which is specialized in providing services in the fields of standards, metrology, and quality to serve State management activities as well as requirements of organizations and businesses. With 45 years of operation and development, QUATEST 3 always accompanies business in increasing quality and safety requirement on products, protecting consumers’ benefits in line with the country’s development orientation, and positively contributing to the social – economic growth of the country.
Physical postal address

49 Pasteur, Nguyen Thai Binh Ward, District 1
Ho Chi Minh City

Phone number
+84 2838294274
qn [at] quatest3.com.vn
Has the certification body been accredited in any scopes?
Please indicate in which scope(s)?
QUATEST 3’s certification includes:
Electrical – electronic, mechanical, chemical, construction material, petroleum products
Agricultural, food safety to conform to good agricultural practices (VietGap)
Food packing, consumer goods
Certifying quality management system in conformity with international standard and other standards (ISO 9000 series, ISO 14000, HACCP, GMP, GSP)
Accreditation body
Accredited QUATEST 3 as a certification body of products (VICAS 004) and a certification body of quality management system (VICAS 004 - QMS) accredited by Vietnam Bureau of Accreditation (BoA)
Is the certification body a subsidiary of a foreign national or international certification body?


Head of Certification body

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Nguyen Thai Hung
CEO Phone
CEO E-mail
info [at] quatest3.com.vn

Total certification personnel

Total certification personnel

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Technical Information


Type of certification
Quality management system
Environmental management system
Energy management system
Food safety management system
Greenhouse gas validation and verification
Product, process or service certification
Occupational health and safety management system
Certification services offered
Type of certification
Product, process or service certification
Scheme owner
QUATEST 3 is an independent certification body (third-party) that certifies the conformity of management systems, products, and services to national standards, international standards or national technical regulations.
The certification mark of QUATEST 3 confirms that products and services meet the requirements on quality and safety, which facilitates products entering the market, enhances brands' prestige and serves as a basis to help consumers choose good products conforming to national standards and technical regulations.
Accreditation status
Technical area or economic sector/ activity
Electrical – electronic
Consumer products
Wooden furniture
Petroleum and gas
Animal feed