Boosting Innovation Standards for SDGs: UNIDO–ISO Innovation Seminar and Innovation Labs

Over the years, in line with its mandate of enhancing industrial development worldwide, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) has helped many countries to integrate into the global economy by meeting regulatory and market requirements and establishing related national capacities, including national standards bodies (NSBs). Its work in this area subsequently led to a partnership with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)The continued partnership between UNIDO and ISO is in response to the increasingly important role international standards play as a policy mechanism and as a market tool for trade and sustainable development.

In light of the strong partnership between UNIDO and ISO, UNIDO will be hosting the UNIDO-ISO/ TC 279 Working Session on Innovation Management (WG1 and WG3). In this context, UNIDO promotes particularly two special sessions entitled “UNIDO–ISO Innovation Seminar” and “UNIDO–ISO Innovation Labs”, with the objective of promoting standards for innovation and sustainable Development.

UNIDO is a strong advocate for the use of standards to enhance prosperity and the well-being of people and to preserve the planet. To this end, UNIDO engages at all stages of the standardization process, including advocacy, standardization, dissemination and implementation, outreach and global partnerships. This UNIDO-ISO joint event, in particular, will further strengthen UNIDO's contribution in the standardization process by:

  • - Advocating for the significance of innovation management standards;
  • - Supporting the development of standards through hosting working sessions of ISO/ TC 279 WG1 & WG3;
  • - Facilitating the dissemination of standards through the launching of the UNIDO–ISO Handbook on Innovation Management Standards;
  • - Convening experts and stakeholders to establish prospective partnerships that facilitate the development and implementation of international standards.


These special sessions are aimed to showcase UNIDO – ISO contributions to the innovation standards series, as well as promoting UNIDO efforts on innovation, particularly including the official launching of UNIDO–ISO Handbook on Innovation Management Standards. The Handbook is written by a panel of innovation and standardization experts, aiming at providing guidance for organizations wanting to innovate, and it expands upon the standard ISO 56002:2019, Innovation management — Innovation management system — Guidance. This handbook increases the understanding of and outlines a progressive implementation approach to the many recommendations of ISO 56002:2019. It is particularly focused on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) where it can be used to initiate or improve innovation dynamics.


More information

Both of the special sessions, i.e. UNIDO–ISO Innovation Seminar and UNIDO–ISO Innovation Labs, are open to all, and will take place in hybrid modality. Participants can join the session in person at UNIDO HQ (depending on availability, the registration is needed), or remotely through the platform Zoom.


In person participation at UNIDO HQ: contact Ms. Sibilla Sartori, s.sartori [at]

Online participation via Zoom: register at the following:

Download the programme of the special sessions here.

UNIDO-ISO Innovation Seminar

27 June 2022 | 14:00-17:30 (GMT+2)

The session will elaborate on UNIDO – ISO contributions to the innovation standards series, with a special focus on the following topic areas:

  • - Launching of ISO-UNIDO Innovation Management Handbook
  • - UNIDO’s highlights on Innovation
  • - Partnership for boosting innovation in SMEs and Startups
  • - Mainstreaming ISO 56000 series for African countries


UNIDO-ISO Innovation Labs

30 June 2022 | 15:30 – 17:45 (GMT+2)

The session will focus on digital transformation, innovation ecosystem and standards for sustainable development. The role of innovation management, sustainability and quality will be elaborated, particularly in light of the implementation of the SDGs The discussion will also revolve around how to leverage Innovation and digital transformation as a driver for promoting inclusive, gender-responsive, and sustainable industrial development. The following topic areas will also be central:

  • - Digital Transformation and Innovation Ecosystems
  • - Standards for Sustainable Development

For more information, contact Mr. Alejandro Rivera-Rojas, a.rivera-rojas [at]