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For South African exporters of substances, knowing where to find the information that you need to prepare the classification and to prepare the SDS for is a key part of compliance to the GHS regulation in South Africa (see SAN 10234:2019)
In a similar way, in terms of CLP, EU importers may look to An EU importer may already have information in-house, or their suppliers, including those in South Africa for example, they may find the information from a harmonised for certain information that they cannot obtain from other classification, if one exists. Alternatively, there may be sources. Such information would be included in the safety information on the C&L Inventory.
data sheet. See SAN10234:2019 for more information.
5.1 Classification & labelling inventory
The C&L Inventory on the ECHA website contains the classifications harmonised at EU level (Table 3 of Part 3 of Annex VI to CLP) and classifications of substances as provided by the manufacturers and importers in their C&L notifications or REACH registration dossiers.
5.2 ECHA information on chemicals
Companies can also find relevant, non-confidential information on substances that are manufactured or imported into the EU on the ECHA website:
Full details on sources of information are provided in the ECHA Guidance
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