UNIDO joins the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative

Did you know that the seafood sector supports the livelihoods of 13% of the world’s population? As seafood production increases to meet rising global…

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Podcast: How the UN uses international standards

This week, UNIDO was featured in the latest episode of the British Standards Institute (BSI) education podcast, featuring ‘How the UN uses…

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UNIDO launches online training on Good Governance in Quality Infrastructure

UNIDO is excited to announce its Good Governance in Quality Infrastructure training programme is now available on the UNIDO Knowledge Hub. This state…

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UNIDO and INetQI to launch guide to develop an inclusive and sustainable Laboratory Policy

After two years from the launch of the Quality Policy trilogy consisting of the Guiding Principles for Quality Policy development, the Technical and…

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UNIDO Striving Towards A Rapid Transition to Africa’s Digital Future

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) heralds the digitalization of manufacturing and immense opportunities to achieve inclusive and sustainable…

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Building SME resilience through E-marketing in Ghana

UNIDO, with the support of EU, is building resilience of Ghanaian small and medium enterprises’ (SME) in addressing the challenges associated with…

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Supporting investment projects in Somalia through COMFAR

Somalia has made significant momentum towards peace and sustainable development. Within the framework of the project “Agro-technology Development for…

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UNIDO launches documentary on successful intervention in Lebanon

Complementing the successful intervention, a short documentary was launched that outlines what steps UNIDO took in order to create inclusive and…

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UNIDO and Norad will support the tilapia and shrimp value chains in Colombia

UNIDO and Norad joined hands to improve the quality and standards compliance capacity of shrimp and tilapia aquaculture value chains in Colombia as…

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First ECOWAS Quality and Industry Database now available online

The first ECOWAS Quality and Industry Database (ECOQUIB), has been established and  is now available online. The objective of ECOQUIB, originally…

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GMIS Digital Series Highlights Industries post-COVID-19: Promoting gender lens investing for the global economic recovery

Building on the momentum of the Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit (GMIS) Virtual Summit 2020, the GMIS Digital Series is engaging…

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The Arab Accreditation Cooperation goes digital

UNIDO supported the Arab Accreditation Cooperation (ARAC) in engaging in digital transformation through smart integration of digital technologies,…

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